How to become a true Boho Princess?

The boho princess style doesn't age at all.

It is still a real must!

And for good reason: laces, fringes, prints... Are the basis of many looks and provide a resolutely feminine style.

It is sophisticated and cool at the same time.

How could it ever get out of date?

Boho Princess Wearing a Red Blouse

Characteristics of the Boho Princess Style


It has to be chosen preferably white or unbleached.

Personally, I am not a fan of black lace because it is often more sophisticated than white and can disturb the lightness of the boho chic style.

Preferably, choose a blouse with flared sleeves for example or a sleeveless vest.

Boho Princess Wearing a White Lace Blouse

Lace is very refined on many boho clothes because it is a real must have.

White color

This non-colour is also a great classic of the boho style.

Do you think it doesn't go with your complexion?

Don't worry, you can easily choose derivative colours such as ecru, beige or cream...

Color matters little, as long as it stays white!

White Boho Necklace.


Tied at the wrist or in the bag, around the neck or in the hair...

This is part of the look of a boho princess.

Red Boho Scarf

Always hoose a printed model, with fringes, pompoms... as you wish.

However, if you opt for the model with amenities, it is important that the rest of your outfit is not too loaded.

Never forget the famous flower wreath for your hairstyle, especially in summer.

Silver jewelleries

We literally all love them.

Whether it's bracelets, rings or necklaces, there are like talisman.

They have a very typical "Indian" style, and it is possible to find them in many associations with a turquoise blue stone.

Boho Silver Jewellry

Silver is even more beautiful if it is aged a little over time.

Ethnic and floral prints

Prints are very, very, very important to adopt a boho princess style.

First thing first, avoid flashy, fluorescent colours.

It's ugly and old-fashioned.

In fact your print should give the impression that your garment is already old and a little worn.

Black Boho Necklace

So don't hesitate to include a "faded" color or a neutral tint that does not make it stand out.

Most of the time, we will rather choose soft tints with dominance of green, blue, brown, orange.


It must be strictly reserved for your top.

For the rest you can forget.

As it is transparent, either you wear it next to your skin over your swimsuit in the summer, or you make sure that the stitches are tight enough and allow you to wear a bra or tank top underneath.

There are also tops with an integrated lining at chest level.

The indispensable Boho Princess Style pieces


Very useful with your colourful skirt or dress but also under a kimono, it is a real must.

Boho T-shirt

It's also a basic wardrobe that you can choose in several colours: white, khaki, grey, blue, beige...

Be careful not to choose it too tight or too big.

It just needs to be casual.

Lace shorts and skirts

Again, always prefer white.

White Boho Short

The shorts are not easy to wear, so you have to be very careful according to your morphology and age.

It can be worn with sandals or camel boots.


You can choose either plain or printed.

The kimono is a true must.

Black Boho Kimono

It is a piece that suits many silhouettes, especially those with large shoulders.

The lace kimono is not to be outdone, as long as you choose it in white.

Skirts and dresses

How could we live without it?

It's just a must in boho fashion.

Pink Boho Skirt

You can opt for the classic models or the split ones.

Opt for models with buttons that can be unbuttoned up to the top of the knees.

And always prefer flowery or ethnic models.

Vaporous dresses

Always give a priority to the white dress but the other plain colours work as long as they are not too flashy.

Boho Vaporous Dress

So you immediatly forget the neon yellow...

Beware of models that are way too short.

They must arrive at mid-thigh if you want to feel relatively comfortable.